Welcome to Priory Osteopathic Clinic and Foot Health Clinic, based on Priory Farm, Nutfield.


We treat patients using a wide range of osteopathic and sports injury techniques with the added benefit of our own inhouse Sports Massage Therapist. Please click here to view the Sports Massage Section.

We understand that pain can be symptom of musculo-skeletal dysfunction from other areas in the body. During the case history and screening process we aim to identify alternative causes for the pain and refer you to the
relevant health professional accordingly. When pain is as a result of musculo-skeletal  dysfunction we will utilise our techniques in areas close to and away from the painful region. For example, this could be Jaw pain as a result of a dysfunction in the patients lumbar spine. At Priory Osteopathic Clinic we treat all areas of the body(click here) (muscles, joints, ligaments etc) and not just the spine.

There are numerous treatment approaches to that are at the Osteopaths disposal and they will be called upon depending on the patients age, medication, fitness and medical history. We also provide a wide range of exercises that can be used in conjunction with the treatment programme.


At Priory Osteopathic Clinic we aim to help patients understand the nature of their condition and education is a fundamental part of the treatment process. By gaining this understanding we are able to work together and formulate a partnership to regaining health.

During each session there is time to discuss all aspects of the treatment process and any factors which may have an impact upon this.



Chris Williams

Practice Manager

Genevieve Westoby


Kirsty Hayler

Sports Massage Therapist

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